What We Do

Because of the diversity of our expertise ITSL offers a range of on-site technical and safety training support programs which can be specifically orientated to the clients needs.

Technical Writing And Manual Development:

  • Client Orientated Training Courses
  • Training/ Safety Manuals
  • Technical And Procedural Manuals

Industrial Technical / Construction / Supervisory Training Courses


Construction Training:

  • All Terrain Vehicle Operating
  • Construction Safety Procedures
  • Excavating And Trenching
  • Incident investigation
  • Hazard Assessment / Risk Analysis
  • Material Handling And Management
  • Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
  • Rigger’s Hoisting And Rigging (4 levels)
  • Scaffolding
  • Pilot Truck Strategic Driving

Hoisting & Rigging/Rigger Courses:

Level D

  • 16 Hour Hoisting And Rigging (Basic Theory only) – Recognition of Attendance only (Open to Supervisors / Safety Personnel only)

Level C

  • 32 Hour Hoisting And Rigging – Certificate of Completion (theory only – no practical – no overhead crane recognition – 80% passing grade required for certification.  Open to Red Seal Trades personnel, Supervisors / Safety Personnel &  all employees)

Level B

  • 40 Hour Basic Hoisting And Rigging / Rigger course (includes theory and overhead crane operating practical). Rigger’s Certification  includes overhead crane operating qualification (Open to Red Seal Trades personnel, Supervisors / Safety Personnel &  all employees).

Level A

  • 65 Hour Advanced Hoisting and Rigging / Rigger Course (For those employees that are required to operate Cab Mounted overhead cranes).  Level A includes completion of the Level B course and an additional 20 hours of practical training and a 5 hour on-site student evaluation by ITSL Instructor.

In order to challenge any of the Hoisting and Rigging courses (level A, B or C)  the individual must write a 1.5 hour Certificate Verification Exam and successfully achieve a score of 80%.

On-site Boom Truck / Crane / (Boom Cat) Pipelayer Operating:

  • Boom Truck
  • Mobile Crane
  • Lattice Crane
  • Folding Boom Pickers (All Capacities)
  • Overhead Crane (Unlimited)
  • Sideboom Pipelayers (Boom Cat) Operating

Heavy/Small Equipment Operator Training (on-site):

  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Haul Truck (30T – 400T)
  • Crawler Tractor (up to Cat D11 / Komatsu 475)
  • Grader (16H/M – 24H/M)
  • Front end Loader (up to Cat 994 / Letourneau  L1850)
  • Skid-Steer Operating
  • Telehandler (zoom boom)
  • Side-Boom Cat / Pipe Layers
  • Man Lift Operations (all types of manlifts)
  • Forklift

Oilfield Training:

  • Swampers Course
  • Supervisor Leadership Training (Mining/Oilfield/Forestry)
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Pipe Line Procedure Training
  • Side Boom Pipe Laying Cat Operating

Supervisor/Leadership Training Program (SLTP):

Module I

  • Leadership/Communications & Interpersonal Skills    (2 days)

Module II

  • Safety For Supervisors    (2 days)

Module III

  • Effective Supervision     (3 days)

Module IV                

  • Absenteeism                  (1 day)

Module V                        

  • Problem Solving and Decision     Making                         (3 days)

Module VI                  

  • Maximizing Employee Performance (Behavioral Science Strategies For Managing Safety)                                      (4 days)

Module VII        

  • Incident/Accident Investigations               (2 days)

Module VIII

  • Hazard Assessment        (1 day)

Module IX                  

  • Conducting Effective Safety   Meetings                      (3 days)

Module X                           

  • Alcohol and Drugs In The   Workplace                     (1 day)

Module XI                            

  • Joint Worksite, Health and Safety Committee Meetings      (2 days)

Module XII                    

  • Handling Difficult People (2 days)

The SLT Program can be completed in the order of choice. Certificates will be issued as the individual modules are completed. When all modules of the program are completed a final certificate for successful completion will be issued.


  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Management Strategies
  • Creating Technical And Procedural Manuals