Our Services


We develop and have developed on-site training programs at the supervisory and employee levels for domestic and international employees on both national and international basis for the Companies and Training Institutes such as:

  • Mining and Power Plant Companies (BC, AB, SK, QB)
  • Provincial College and Training Institutes.  ( BC, AB )
  • Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Board (U.K.).
  • Enform (AB)
  • International Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation (Bangledesh)
  • Chinese Offshore National Oil Company.
  • Libyan National Oil Company.
  • Westburn International Drilling (Algeria)

Written and produced procedural, technical and safety manuals for the Northwest Territory government, Enform and Blackgold Valve.

We have produced  supervisor safety courses for professional oil field training institutes and the trucking industry.

We have taught various courses for these same organization.

For example, because of our instructor’s  expertise in training employees and Riggers who rig loads, ITSL is recognized and highly regarded through out the major industries  in Canada, for its on-site training courses in Hoisting and Rigging (4 Levels) and Crane Operating, Mine Heavy Equipment Operating.

Developed heavy equipment operating courses for various construction companies and First Nation Settlements.



The facilitating services incorporate:

  • Facilitate cross-functional teams working on process improvement initiatives.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement team and ongoing employee development
  • Facilitate cross functioning department teams in developing and implementing
    clearly defined long term corporate wide strategy, training objectives and management strategies.
  • Facilitate and/or assist in restructuring of safety or procedural technical manuals.